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Musik Lemon is an exciting new mobile web application, available on iOS, Android, and Windows/Nokia smartphones, which is designed specifically to help artists, bands, and musicians share and make money from their music in a user-friendly and creative environment they control.


Host your albums and playlists in-app to manage, distribute music in a way that works for you.

Promote Your Tours

Plan, promote and sell tickets to your next gig or tour through the app.

Earn Money

Sell albums, T-shirts, bags, buttons, or posters with ease by integrating your eCommerce site.


What’s in Music Apps for Artists?


Enhance your exposure with the Musik Lemon web mobile music app. Integrate your online platforms and social networks easily.


Create individual playlist for each album you wish to add.


Distribute your app once complete to your fans, using SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, website and QR Code.


Build your Musik Lemon App

Distribute your web app to all mobile devices, using Text, Email and QR Code

Join the revolution today.

Sign up for as little as £2 per month.

Upload your tracks, photos, add your social media feeds and share you app with your fans.

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