About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


Our Story

As a creative media practitioner with over 15 years’ experience, I have developed a wide range of digital content working as a graphic designer, website developer, and video producer.

I genuinely believe that innovation is in my DNA and during the many years I spent working in the music industry, even as a DJ, I enjoyed being around likeminded individuals and still remain completely enthralled by the scene’s vibrant energy.

Despite the success of social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud, I have seen many gifted musicians struggle to find a suitable platform they enjoy using that also helps them promote and earn revenue from their music.

Moreover, not one of the aforementioned sites offers a personal experience that is unique to the artists’ fan base. As a result, many years ago, I explored the idea of developing mobile apps for musicians, and out of this struggle, Musik Lemon was eventually born.

Our aim is to serve artists, bands, and musicians by helping them to make money, reach new audiences, and gain greater independence over their creative output.

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