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As well as providing a platform for musicians to have total access to their fans in an economic, controlled, accessible and easily manageable way, Musik Lemon wants to help artists build their fan base and Musik Lemon believe the sharing of music freely can help achieve more fans. Many artists are looking for a viable platform to showcase their music, that they have complete control over and this appears to be the main concerns for many musicians.

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Upload your audio tracks and add song cover, add song lyrics or song description

Create as many different playlist albums or EPs as you like
Easily pull songs from the public environment, that you no longer want shared.
Upload videos to the app for app users only or add your Youtube Channel. Why not add both, your choice, your app!

Previewing Your App

For an accurate preview of your apps and the ability to use and see them just as your users would on their devices, Musik Lemon provide a preview button to view the app in our simulator. Or better still, use the unique URL provide to view your web app on a mobile device.


This is a web mobile app product...

  • Fully mobile using current technology Bootstrap and JQuery Mobile.

  • The app behaves like a native app, mimicking native app functionality.

  • Totally cross platform provided users are using a smartphone.  This product is not compatible with tablet devices.  For Now!

  • Platforms include iOS, Android, Windows, Nokia & Blackberry smartphones.

  • Easily distributed.

We support ads

We currently support ad scripts from AdMob and MobFox to all smartphone apps with revenue sharing.

If you are using the free Musik Lemon app service, you will receive 25% of ad revenue generated through your app. For paid subscription services such as the premium or label services, you will receive up to 70% of ad revenue generated through your app. You can request a new network of your choice.

*Please note that all ad scripts are implemented by Musik Lemon. However for paid subscriptions you are able to turn on/off ads feed into your app.

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