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What Is Musik Lemon App?

Musik Lemon is a cross-platform mobile web application that aims to support musicians who want to use the content they create to grow their fan bases.

Additionally, after signing up for the service, users gain access to our easy- to-use control panel and can start earning revenue from the music they share with other Musik Lemon users.

What features does it have?

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“What do I mean by allow artists to build and engage with their fans in an economic, controlled, accessible and easily manageable way?”

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As well as providing a platform for musicians to have total access to their fans in an economic, controlled, accessible and easily manageable way, Musik Lemon wants to help artists build their fan base and Musik Lemon believe the sharing of music freely can help achieve more fans. Many artists are looking for a viable platform to showcase their music, that they have complete control over and this appears to be the main concerns for many musicians.

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“Why use the Musik Lemon App?”


The benefits of using the Musik Lemon app for musicians are:

  • The product is mobile
  • Smartphones is the preferred choice for accessing entertainment amongst young people
  • Direct engagement with fans 24/7
  • Reliable Database of fans
  • Centralise all key promotional material and social platforms into one area
  • Easier way to distribute music to fans
  • Full control over the way you deliver your content
  • Earn money from your app
  • Affordable solution
  • No publishing to App Store or Google Play Store



“...stay connected with you customers.”


Music Lemon, a Mobile Web App, linked to all social networks, artists generated content and available across all mobile platforms iOS, Android and Windows/Nokia platforms, provides the solution by creating a focused platform for an artist's content and providing a modern and exciting way of delivering digital content through mobile web apps.


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