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Sell, build & manage apps from your branded partner control panel

Grow your music agency business, from selling apps to your clients

Musik Lemon will handle the tech, while you focus on selling and building your business

What Is Musik Lemon App?

Here at Musik Lemon, we believe sharing free music helps artists and musicians build sizeable fan bases, and have noticed the primary concern aired by most music makers is the lack of control they have over the various platforms where their content is showcased.

Subsequently, the idea behind Musik Lemon was driven solely by the desire to develop a purposeful, accessible, economic and user-friendly platform where musicians can share their music in an environment they control.

What features does it have?

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Agency Portal
CMS Login

Your control panel allows you to create, manage and deploy your web mobile app projects

Create demo accounts to build and show clients apps before publishing. This will allow you to clinch that client deal, by showing them an end product

Musik Lemon will manage all control panel updates, including the updates of new features added to the platform. We will make sure it works, whilst you concentrate on the things that matter


Build Your Music Business On Our Platform


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